It's all about who they really are

We live in such a great time that allows us to be who we really are. Capturing that inner personality is not always so easy when we are in front of our clients.

Here are three simple things you can do that will help you bring out who your clients really are and capture it in real time and have it for ever.

1. Get to know them in 30 seconds by asking them simple questions like, where did you meet your  husband to be? How did he propose to you? where were you at when he popped the question? These answers give you information that you can now talk to them about as you are shooting the images of them.

2. After you have established a relationship by asking questions there will be a certain trust they have for you. When people trust you they will let the wall come down and will be more comfortable in following your directions in posing, and expression.

3. In photographing people for 30 years the one big thing I have learned is to shoot the shot I want and then take the images that they want. This wasn't easy for me to do at first because I always was taught that it was my responsibility to set up the shot by posing, setting the light, and putting them in the right composition. This is what I still do but the difference is after a shoot the one I want, I tell them to pretend I am not there and interact with themselves. This opens up there personalities and because I asked the questions and interacted with them the trust is there. Sometimes you have to throw out some things that you know about them to get them stared. When they start doing this be prepared to shoot and shoot a lot. You will get one or two shots out of the many that you took but they will be the ones that capture who they really y are.